Fall 2019 Seminar Schedule

2019-20 Friday Guest EES Speakers

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Seminars are held most Fridays at noon in Rm. 101 of the STEPS building (the auditorium in "A" wing) preceded by a department lunch at 11:00am in ST 102.

Guide for speakers


August 30th 

EES summer photos and stories, presented by students, faculty and staff


September 6th

Mingsong Li, Penn State University

"Astronomical forcing, groundwater and sea level change in a greenhouse world"

(hosts: Ken Kodama and Frank Pazzaglia)


September 13th

Ikuko Wada, University of Minnesota

"Mantle Wedge Flow Pattern in Subduction Zones"

(host: Gray Bebout)


October 4th

Mathius Vuille, Albany University

"Rapid decline of snow and ice in the tropical Andes – Impacts, uncertainties and challenges ahead"

(host: Zicheng Yu)


October 18th

Sonia Tikoo-Schantz, Stanford University

Title: "Lunar Magnetism"

(host: Ken Kodama)


October 25th

Jill Van Tongeren, Rutgers University

“Temperatures and timescales of crystallization in the lower ocean crust”

(host: Steve Peters)


November 1st

David Robinson, Rutgers University

“Snow Cover in the Climate System”

(host: Mike Polashanski)


November 7 and 8th

D. Foster Hewett Seminar Series

“Dawn of our Modern World: Earth Systems in the Proterozoic” 


November 22nd

Christopher Gough, VA Commonwealth

“Disturbance isn’t always a downer: carbon cycling stability following forest perturbation”

(host: Ben Felzer)