Donnel Foster Hewett Videos

2017 Lectures:  "Ocean Worlds"

Keynote lecture by Dr. Kevin Hand -- NASA, Jet Propulsion Laborator y- Caltech
"The Search for Life in Oceans Beyond Earth"

Dr. Everett Shock, Arizona State University
"Uncharted Territory: Ocean World Geology Through Organic Chemistry"

Dr. Julie Huber, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
"Life in the Extreme: Seafloor Fluid Flow and Chemosynthetic Life on Earth and Beyond"

Dr. Krista Soderlund, University of Texas Institute for Geophysics
"Exploring Europa with Ocean Circulation Models and Ice-Penetrating Radar"

2016 Lectures:  "Significance of a Changing Arctic"

Dr. Julie Brigham Grette, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
How Previous Arctic Warm Periods Inform Our Possible Future

Dr. Thorsten Markus, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Monitoring the Changing Sea and Ice Sheets from Space

Dr. Caryn Ashjian, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Arctic Ecosystem in a Changing Climate


2015 Lectures: "Changes in the World's Oceans"

Jonathan L. Payne, Stanford University
How We Study the History of Biodiversity"

Michael Arthur, Penn State University
Notions of Stinking Oceans: Causes and Consequenes of Past Anoxia and Implications for the Future

Barbel Honisch Lamont-Doherty, Earth Observatory, Columbia University
Reconstructing Ocean Acidification in Earth History

Joanie Klepas, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Bad Chemistry: Impacts of Ocean Acification on Marine Ecosystems

Richard A. Feely, NOAA Senior Fellow, NOAA Pacific Marine Environment Laboratory, Seattle Washington
Ocean Acification: A Global Problem with Local Impacts

All Speaker Panel


2014 Lectures: "The Origin of Life"

Keynote lecture by Robert Hazen, Carnegie Institution - Geophysical Laboratory
Genesis: the scientific quest for life’s origin"

Robert Hazen, Carnegie Institution - Geophysical Laboratory
"Mineral surfaces and the origins of life"

Irene Chen, University of California Santa Barbara
"Emergence and evolution in the RNA world"