David Anastasio

109B, 226 STEPS

Research Interests: 

  • Structural Geology
EES-004 (Science of Environmental Issues), EES-080 (Earth System Science), EES-223 (Structural Geology), EES-427 (Orogenic Belts)
Research Projects: 
Current projects focus on (1) the recovery of high-resolution deformation rates from folds, faults, and stratigraphic sections.  These data serve to inform evolving ideas as to what modulates Earth processes, whether intrinsic or extrinsic, (2) deformation kinematics of fold, faults, and orogens, (3) hominin migration in Northern Africa and the Iberian Peninsula, and (4) science curriculum and educational technology in middle school, high school and college. 
The geologic research is typically empirical and occurs mostly along plate boundaries.  Recent projects have been in the Apennines, Italy, Pyrenees, Spain, and Betic Cordillera, Spain.  Some projects involve paleomagnetic and cyclostratigraphic age models of synsedimentary deposition and others involve landscape evolution or structural modeling.  With students I am working on kinematics and rates of fault-related folding recorded by growth strata in the Pyrenees, tectonics and landscape evolution in the Betic Cordillera, Spain, and ancient lake deposits as recorders of environmental change and hominin migration in the Baza Basin, Southern Spain. Current education projects focus on socio-environmental justice for high school students and tectonics for college-aged learners; both projects involve using Web-based GIS to promote geospatial thinking.
Selected Publications: