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There's quite a bit of useful information on the web about internship and job prospects in math, science, and engineering. The links provided below are excellent resources in and of themselves, and should get you well on your way to finding additional information. Whether you're a graduate or undergraduate student planning further study, or someone who is contemplating career directions, we strongly encourage you to look around and get a feeling for the job market and what alternatives are available to you. The future is actually pretty bright for well-trained young scientists, but you do have to know the lay of the land. And don't be shy about talking to any EES faculty for their advice and opinions about career options and training.

Useful Links

American Geophysical Union
Very useful site with lots of info about careers, options, listings, and tips. Be sure to look at the "Careers" Menu at top of page.
AGI Geoscience Careers Site
American Geological Institute's careers web site. Lots of info about jobs in geosciences and related fields, including biographies of active scientists, statistics and descriptions of particular careers, salary and demographic information, and a very good set of career links. Useful, highly informative site!
Ecological Society of America
ESA's job and career pages. Lots of information for students and professionals at all stages in their careers.
Workforce Statistics on Scientists and Engineers
National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics at the National Science Foundation. Lots of data and stats about US scientists and engineers.
Science Careers from the journal Science
Good comprehensive resource sponsored by Science Magazine..
ECO - The Environmental Careers Organization
From their web page: "Our focus is helping quality job candidates looking for green jobs connect with eco-employers who care about the environment and have green jobs to fill."
Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology
"CPST specializes in the collection, analysis and publication of reliable information about the human resources of the U.S. in the fields of science, engineering and technology."
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