EES seminars

2017 - 2018

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Seminars are held in Rm. 101 of the STEPS building (the auditorium in "A" wing).

September 1st

EES Summer Photos and Stories, EES Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students

September 8th

Sujith Ravi, Temple University
"Ecohydrologic interactions within "fairy circles" in the Namib Desert"
(host:Dork Sahagian)

September 15th

Emily Estes, University of Delaware
"Life in the slow lane: Organic carbon limitation in pelagic sediments."'
(host: Jill McDermott)

September 22nd

Broxton Bird, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis
"High-resolution lake sediment records of midcontinental US hydroclimate variability: Implications for climate-society interactions"
(host: Zicheng Yu)

September 29th

Erica Smithwick, Penn State University
Title: TBD
(host:Ben Felzer)

October 6th at 3:10pm

Elke Weber, Princeton University
"Giving the Future A Chance"
Department Sponsors: Cognitive Science, Psychology, Earth & Environmental Sciences, and Environmental InitiativeI

November 3rd

Tim Herbert, Brown University
"The Earth's 11 Million Year Journey into the Ice Ages"
(host: Dave Anastasio)

November 10th

David Scholl, USGS emeritus
"Global Observational Evidence that Great (>=Mw8.0) Megathrust Earthquakes are Linked to the Subduction of Thick (>1.0 km) Sediment and Bathymetrically Smooth Seafloor"
(host: Gray Bebout)

Thursday, November 16th and Friday November, 17th

Ocean Worlds
D. Foster Hewitt Lecture Series

December 1st

Roman Dibaise, Penn State University
Title: TBD
(host: Frank Pazzaglia)
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Meeting speakers

Faculty and students are encouraged to meet with speakers during their stay, and everyone is invited to reconvene at a local watering hole, usually by 5 pm, for the second phase of discussions.

To arrange a meeting with a speaker or learn more about their visit, contact Department Coordinator Andrea Goff.