EES seminars

2016 - 2017

public welcome

Seminars are held in Rm. 101 of the STEPS building (the auditorium in "A" wing).

January 27th

Susan Lang, University of South Carolina
"Linking mantle to microbe in serpentinite-hosted systems"
(host: Jill McDermott)

February 3rd

Martha Cary Eppes, University North Carolina-Charlotte
"New insights into mechanical weathering rates and processes: climate-dependent subcritical crack growth"
(host: Frank Pazzaglia)

February 10th

Tammy Rittenour, Utah State
"Arroyo dynamics in the American Southwest"
(host: Frank Pazzaglia & Dave Anastasio)

February 17th

Helen White, Haverford
"Long-term weathering of oil residues in the marine environment"
(host: Jill McDermott)

February 24th

Tom Pratt, USGS
"Shallow faulting in the epicentral area of the 1886 Charleston, South Carolina earthquake"
(host:Frank Pazzaglia)

March 3rd

Graduate Student Seminar

March 24th

Natalya Gomez, McGill
"Ice Sheet - Sea Level - Solid Earth Interactions"
(host: Anne Meltzer & Frank Pazzaglia)

March 31st

Rob DeConto, UMass
"Greenland and Antarctica’s future contributions to sea level and implications for global coastlines"
(host: Ben Felzer)

April 7th

Ethan Hyland, North Carolina State
"Geochemical techniques for describing past environments, climates, and landscapes"
(host: Steve Peters)

April 14th

David Evans, Yale
“The birth and life of North America:Supercontinents of the distant past and future”
(host: Ken Kodama)

May 5th

Undergraduate Symposium
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Meeting speakers

Faculty and students are encouraged to meet with speakers during their stay, and everyone is invited to reconvene at a local watering hole, usually by 5 pm, for the second phase of discussions.

To arrange a meeting with a speaker or learn more about their visit, contact Department Coordinator Andrea Goff.