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Research Interests

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Current and Recent Projects

Cornering the world's energy supply (active)
This project, funded by the Dr. No Foundation, is on track to lead to world domination.
Cornering the world's energy supply (active)
This project, funded by the Dr. No Foundation, is on track to lead to world domination.

Students & Student Opportunities

Current Students

  • Lenny Ancuta (Ph.D candidate, dating, stratigraphy, and geochemistry of Hangay-Mountain basalts, Mongolia)
  • Kalin McDannell (Ph.D candidate, thermochronology and landscape evolution of the Hangay Mountains, Mongolia; geochronology of clinker deposits)
  • Jen Schmidt (Ph.D candidate, kinetic intercalibration of thermochronometers using the Little Devil's Postpile intrusion, Yosemite; unroofing history of SE Tibet)
  • ...and Ryan McKeon - just moved to postdoc at Caltech. Who's going to date the shale now?

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Courses for Graduate Students

  • EES 301. Seismology: Images and Dynamics of the Earth's Interior (3) (Meltzer)
  • EES 316 (CEE 316). Hydrogeology (3) (Peters)
  • EES 325. Remote Sensing of Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments (3) (Ramage)
  • EES 334. Geosphere Structure and Evolution (3) (Bebout, Kodama)
  • EES 405. Paleo- and Environmental Magnetism (3) (Kodama)
  • EES 407. Seismology (3) (Meltzer)
  • EES 412. Advanced Fluvial and Tectonic Geomorphology (3) (Pazzaglia)
  • EES 426. Tectonic Processes (3) (Meltzer, Zeitler)
  • EES 427. Orogenic Belts (3) (Anastasio)
  • EES 428. Stress and Strain in Rocks (3) (Anastasio)
  • EES 429. Methods and Applications of Geochronology (3) (Zeitler)
  • EES 438. Petrogenetic Processes (3) (Bebout)
  • EES 457. Advanced Remote Sensing of the Environment (3) (Ramage)
  • EES 471. Stable Isotope Chemistry - Theory, Techniques, and Applications in the Earth and Environmental Sciences (3) (Bebout)
  • EES 473. Aqueous Geochemistry (3) (Peters)

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Research Facilities


Recent and Representative Publications

Booth, A.L., Chamberlain, C.P., Kidd, W.S.F., Zeitler, P.K., 2009. Constraints on the metamorphic evolution of the eastern Himalayan syntaxis from geochronologic and petrologic studies of Namche Barwa. Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 121, p. 385-407, doi: 10.1130/B26041.1.  (pdf)

Cerveny, P.F., Naeser, N.D., Zeitler, P.K., Naeser, C.W. and Johnson, N.M., 1988. History of uplift and relief of the Himalaya over the past 18 Ma - Evidence from fission-track ages of detrital zircons from sandstones of the Siwalik Group, in K. Kleinspehn and C. Paola, eds., New Perspectives in Basin Analysis, Univ. Minnesota Press, p. 43-61.  (pdf (10MB!))

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Recent Talks


  • EES 4. The Science of Environmental Issues
  • EES 26. Energy - Origins, Impacts, and Options
  • EES 426. Tectonic Processes
  • EES 429. Methods and Applications of Geochronology