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Previous Foster Hewett Lecturers

2016 Carin Ashjian Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)
2016 Jennifer Francis Rutgers University
2016 Julie Brigham-Grette University of Massachusetts-Amherst
2016 Thorsten Markus NASA Goddard's Cryospheric Sciences Lab
2015 Michael Arthur Pennsylvania State University
2015 Richard A. Feely NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory in Seattle WA and Washington School of Oceanography
2015 Baerbel Hoenisch UCLamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
2015 Joanie Kleypas National Center for Atmospheric Research
2015 Jonathan Payne Stanford University
2014 Irene Chen UC Santa Barbara
2014 Robert Hazen Carnegie Institution Washington, Geophysical Laboratory
2014 Lisa Kaltenegger Cornell University
2014 Kenneth Willliford Cal Tech, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2013 Brad Allenby Arizona State University
2013 Tom Jordan University of Southern California
2013 Taylor Perron Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2013 Carla Staver Columbia University
2012 Henry Frankel University of Missouri-Kansas City
2012 Rob McCaffrey Portland State University
2012 Joann Stock California Institute of Technology
2012 Rob van der Voo University of Michigan
2011 Peter Raymond Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
2011 Louis A. Kaplan Stroud Water Research Center
2011 Rattan Lal The Ohio State University
2010 Martha Gilmore Earth & Environmental Sciences, Wesleyan University
2010 Sarah Seager Earth & Planetary Sciences, M.I.T.
2010 Caitlin Griffith Planetary Sciences, University of Arizona
2010 Bethany Ehlmann Geological Sciences, Brown University
2009 Paul Adler US Dept. of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service
2009 Luc Gagnon Environment and Sustainable Development Unit, Hydro-Quebec
2009 Clarence Lehman Univ. of Minnesota (Ecology, Evolution and Behavior)
2009 Scott Singer Natural Resources Conservation Service, PA U.S.D.A.
2009 Ward F. Sproat, III Director, Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management in U.S. DOE
2009 John Stamatakos Director, Geosciences & Engineering Div., Southwest Research Institute
2008 Richard Alley Penn State University
2008 James Titus U.S. EPA
2008 Johan Kleman University of Stockholm
2007 Michael Mann Penn State University
2007 Colin Prentice University of Bristol
2007 William Ruddiman University of Virginia
2007 Lonnie Thompson Ohio State University
2006 Eugenie Scott National Center for Science Education
2006 Andrew Knoll Harvard University
2004 Steve Lindberg Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2004 Tamar Barkay Rutgers University
2004 Francois Morel Princeton University
2004 Sean Gulick University of North Carolina
2004 Elizabeth Screaton University of Florida
2004 Erwin Seuss IFM-GEOMAR
2002 Lynn Rothschild Stanford University/NASA Ames Research Center
2002 Joseph Kirschvink California Institute of Technology
2002 Russell Vreeland West Chester University
2001 Stephen Macko University of Virginia
2001 Thure Cerling University of Utah
2001 Zachary Sharp University of New Mexico
2000 Bruce Runnegar University of California
2000 Paul Hoffman Harvard University
2000 James Kasting Penn State University
1998 Allan Ashworth North Dakota State University
1998 George Denton Yale University
1998 David Harwood University of Nebraska
1998 David Sugden University of Edinburgh
1996 Kenneth Caldeira Carnegie Institution of Washington
1996 Robert Dunbar Stanford
1996 Robert Howarth Cornell University
1995 Robert Anderson University of Colorado
1995 Louis Derry Cornell University
1995 Sean Willett Penn State University (now at ETH Zurich)
1993 Sasha Madronich National Center for Atmospheric Research
1993 Deneb Karentz University of San Francisco
1993 John T.O. Kirk
1992 Paul Olsen Columbia University
1992 Claire Schelske University of Florida
1992 Garry Karner Columbia University
1992 Peter Koons University of Maine
1992 Gene Likins Institute of Ecosystem Studies
1991 Julie Morris Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1991 Fred Phillips New Mexico Tech
1991 Jeff Klein University of Pennsylvania
1989 Syukuro Manabe Tokyo University
1989 Wallace Broecker Columbia University
1989 W. Richard Peltier University of Toronto
1988 Raymond Price Queen's University
1986 W. Gary Ernst Stanford University
1985 Don Anderson California Institute of Technology
1984 Robert Berner Yale University
1983 Geoffrey Boulton University of Edinburgh
1982 Allan Cox Stanford University
1981 John Imbrie Brown University
1980 Joseph Smith University of Chicago
1979 John Dewey University of California
1978 Alfred Ringwood Australian National University
1978 Robert Folk University of Texas
1976 Vincent McKelvey U.S. Geological Survey
1975 J. Tuzo Wilson University of Toronto (Ontario Science Centre)
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The Annual Donnel Foster Hewett Lecture Series is sponsored by the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and is supported by a bequest which was made to the department by one of its most distinguished alumni, Donnel Foster Hewett.

Hewett matriculated at Lehigh University in September 1898. Following graduation in 1902, he spent another year at Lehigh as an assistant in metallurgy and mineralogy under the direction of Joseph Barrell. After Joseph Barrell moved to the Department of Geology at Yale in 1907, Hewett went there in 1909 to study geology and received his Ph.D.

In 1911, he joined the U.S. Geological Survey and his career with the organization spanned 60 years until his death in 1971. When in 1951, Donnel Foster Hewett reached the mandatory retirement age of 70, his full-time employment by the Survey was continued indefinitely by Presidential order. To a great host of geologists, he became a legend in his own time and was affectionately referred to as "Mr. Geological Survey" or "Mr. Manganese", the latter because of his devotion to and advancement of our understanding of the mineralogy and genesis of manganese ores.

During his career he received many honors:

  • Vice President, Geological Society of America in 1935 and 1945
  • President of the Society of Economic Geologists in 1936
  • Elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1937 and the Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1949
  • Distinguished Medal of the Department of the Interior in 1951
  • Penrose Medal in 1964
  • Honorary Ph.D. from Lehigh in 1942